LEVEL - All levels.

DURATION - 1:30.

INSTRUCTORS - Izabelė & Justina


The most unique Flame session, which teaches acrobatic tricks and gymnastic elements with Aerial silks and Aerial hoops. It is an exceptional activity that develops not only strength, flexibility, but also coordination and plasticity. The workout is of longer duration, with about a third of its time devoted to intense full-body warm-up, muscle strengthening exercises for different groups, followed by learning specific elements with silks and hoops. It is high intensity workout, so has a limit of 8 athletes using 3 silks and 2 hoops. Aerial training will appeal to those looking for an unconventional, rare and original sport or just wanting to try something new and exciting. Recommended outfit - T-shirt, leggings and socks, footwear not needed.

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