Mažoji Bendrija "Akrobatikos Namai"
Company code 304989956
Bank account LT257300010157606370



* If payment is for trial session - Trial session date and time (example: Trial session, October 19, 12:00)

* If payment is for membership - Membership name and date as of which it should be activated (for example: SEMI, September 14)

* If payment is for stretching online - Stretching online and date as of which access should be given (for example: ONLINE, November 5)

* If payment is for hen party - Hen Party and it's date (for example: Hen party, 18 August)

To pay in cash, please inform us about it by Facebook message, indicating which Membership you choose and the date from which to activate it. We will activate your Membership from that date and you will be able to book your first workout. You will pay in cash before the start of the first workout.


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