Izabelė Svajonė Kuzelytė

Youngest Flame family member.


Date of birth- 1996-08-31

Sign of Zodiac – Virgo

Favorite trick - all Aerial falls.

Passion – cats.

Dancer, gymnast, aerial acrobatics instructor, participant and judge of many circus seminars and events, super-finalist of Lithuanian talents (2019) - all these titles are in the biography of a girl. Dancing has been a big part of Izabelė’s life since childhood – Ballroom dances, Commercial dance, and a little later - Capoeira, modern dance. At the age of 16, the girl became interested in a variety of acrobatics, handstand, and finally Aerial silks. "Sport has not only taken up most of life, but has also become a daily work and hobby. It is a wonderful feeling to have full control of your body and to realize the limitless possibilities of it" – Izabelė opens.

A girl from Vilnius, who graduated as Bachelor of Economics at Vilnius University, today can only blow dust off the diploma, because she discovered her vocation elsewhere - Izabelė works as a freelance artist and Aerial acrobatics instructor. Flame offer to include Aerial sessions in her daily routine, was accepted enthusiastically and Izabelė welcomed another opportunity to realize herself. Asked how Pole Dance differs from training with Aerial silks, the girl briefly explains: "Acrobatics on a pole are quite similar, but at the same time very different, requiring different adherence, different dynamics."

To encourage anyone who is hesitant to start sports, hesitates about their possibilities, or has any preconceived notions, Izabelė uses her favorite saying: "Failing at something is the first step towards being kind of good at something." Speaking of dreams, Izabelė again doesn't say much - "I want my body to be able to repeat what the imagination wants."

No fame without a          

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