Julija Mekinkovaitė

Most tender Flame family member.


Date of birth - 1993-10-04

Sign of Zodiac – Libra

Favorite Trick – "Angel" spin: "the faster and stronger you fly - the more beautiful, fun and dangerous it looks".

Passion – Puppies, kittens and other animals, surfboards, mountains, travel and computer games.

Like most children, Julija did not value sport at an early age. She attended various dances, Aikido, swimming, but everything was for short-time and without much passion. It was only at the age of late teenage days when a girl became more seriously interested in sports and began to accumulate knowledge about this "separate science." That's when Julija’s motto "Learn the hard way" came true: "I didn't understand how the body works, how do the muscles grow, why weight isn’t changing, and physical self-care was about to be discovered. Fortunately, in my life I have met many people who have expanded my knowledge of sport and helped me to understand what kind of SCIENCE it is."

Julija’s first acquaintance with Pole Dance took place at the end of 2017, when the girl finally managed to adjust her work schedule so that she could fulfill this long-cherished dream of her. Julija remembers with a smile that she then told herself "if I will enjoy dancing, I'll quit my job." Laughter with laughter, but the girl no longer works in that company. The start of the workouts was not easy: "those damn palms, were so slippery, but at the same time I gradually noticed progress. For the first time, I felt how the patience and dedication pay off. And the best part was that Pole Exotic lessons appeared alongside Pole Sport. There, my real Julija switched on - I don't know if it's a passion or an addiction, but I feel elevated when I dance."

Today, Julija has a Bachelor in cultural management and politics, works as a team leader in one of the international companies, dreams of taking from a shelter one or even several puppies, and devotes her free time to dance, plasticity and improvisation: "only with music I can liberate my body, release my thoughts, and allow my physical intellect to manifest."

No fame without a          

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