Katrin Loftsdottir

International Flame family member from Island


Date of birth - 1994 11 16

Sign of Zodiac – Scorpio

Favorite trick – Iron X: "I worked so hard to achieve it and I never get tired of it".

Passion – traveling, reading, knitting ("very relaxing").

Dream - "To be active and healthy my whole life."

Katrin was born and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland, in the land of geysers and volcanoes. Once bachelor's degree was gained in her hometown (Mathematics / Computer Science), in 2019 she moved to Vilnius with her husband because of an interesting job offer in travel organization area. The girl fell in love with the Lithuanian capital and people very soon, so upon realizing that she would stay here for a long time, started looking for a Pole Dance studio where she could return to her beloved hobby. This is how Flame and Katrin roads intersected for the first time. Only blind couldn’t notice how flexible, talented and potential the Nordic girl is, so after less than a year she joins the Flame family and brings a lot of her experience in the field of dance.


Katrin attended classical ballet as a kid and teenager and later on graduated from a specialized ballet program, that is highly regarded in Iceland. There she have learned a bit of everything: "a lot of modern dance, choreography, improvisation, jazz dance and even tried Russian folk dances. I have a lot of experience performing and it has helped me in many aspects of my life. I’ve competed in multiple national competitions in Iceland and I always enjoy it." Katrin tried Pole dance for the first time because her friend kept asking her to join: "It was a very new sport in Iceland at the time and I didn't know what to expect. I remember seeing pictures in the studio with amazing poses that looked like combination of gymnastics and ballet - I was mesmerized." This enchantment didn't end with just watching - after 3 months of practising Pole dance, Katrin took part in the Icelandic national Pole Dance competition and won 1st place in the beginner category! She then became addicted to this sport. The following year Katrin was able to skip a category and go straight into professionals, which was a huge personal success.


Today, Katrin is studying for a Master's degree in Financial Mathematics at Vilnius University, reading a lot and raising amazingly beautiful puppy - toy poodle Mosi, that keeps Katrin busy and is the reason of her her long walks. Girl loves spending time with family and friends, but next to all her responsibilities she finds time for Pole Dance. Asked why she loves this sport so much, Katrin opens her heart: "doesn’t matter how a pose or a combination may seem difficult at first, after practicing and once you reach your goal, then your self-confidence and appreciation for your body goes through the roof. People have different styles and strengths and I love seeing that on the pole."

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