Mažoji Bendrija "Akrobatikos Namai“, company code 304989956, represented by director Deimantė Valickaitė-Lapienė, (hereinafter referred to as the Studio) and


                                                                 name, surname, date of birth


(hereinafter referred to as the Member) concludes this Membership Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) by agreeing on the following points. The Studio and the Member are hereinafter collectively referred to as the Parties.


  1. GROUNDS FOR THE AGREEMENT. The Member undertakes to comply with the general order requirements, safety procedures and the rules of the reservation system specified in the Agreement; the Studio undertakes to organize classes and provide all the necessary inventory during them.

  2. OBLIGATIONS OF THE MEMBER – General. The Member undertakes:

    1. after entering the Studio, to go down the stairs, take off the shoes and leave them on the shoe shelf on the stairwell.

    2. leave the umbrella in a special tray that is placed next to the shoe shelf.

    3. wipe the mat used during workout with a dedicated cloth on both sides.

    4. hang the towels used to clean the poles during the session on the hooks provided for this purpose, and place the nozzles with disinfectant liquid on the shelf for them under the audio equipment and the computer.

    5. put the equipment used during the workout back to where it was taken from.

    6. after using the pole spin mode key (only possible with the permission of the supervising coach) - return it to the coach.

    7. to observe general hygiene in the showers and toilets. If any kind of failure or disturbance is noticed, immediately report it to the coach or administration.

    8. before leaving the Studio, gather all personal belongings, leaving them neither in the halls nor in the changing area. The Studio is not responsible for the safety of left items.

    9. to inform the Studio immediately (by phone +37062894969 or by e-mail or by Facebook @Poleflame) in case of contact with a COVID-19 infected person or positive COVID-19 test result.

  3. OBLIGATIONS OF THE MEMBER – Safety. The Member undertakes:

    1. remove the rings and large earrings for the own safety before starting the workout.

    2. find out where the first-aid kit is placed in the Studio and use its contents if necessary (in case of injury, collision, pain).

    3. responsibly assess personal health condition, inform the coach and stop training if there is a feeling of deteriorated condition.

    4. always listen carefully to the coach’s explanations and advices on how to perform the move, spin, trick, and combinations correctly.

    5. responsibly assess personal abilities and not try to perform recent or new learned complex tricks without separate permission from the coach.

    6. never perform complex compositions or tricks on your own, without the supervision and permission of a coach, unless there is a completely clear technique to perform.

    7. always use protective mattresses when learning to perform more complex combinations and tricks.

    8. perform complex, potentially unsafe combinations of tricks that may pose a risk of injury, only with the supervision and assistance of a coach.

    9. do not use pole spin mode keys without the coach's permission.

  4. OBLIGATIONS OF THE MEMBER – Booking system. The Member undertakes:

    1. to create a personal account on the Studio website and to ensure that relevant personal data of the Member (name, surname, contact phone number and e-mail) is always provided there. More about the processing of personal data can be found in clause 6 of this agreement.

    2. to choose the most suitable Membership and make a bank transfer to the Studio Bank account LT25 7300 0101 5760 6370 or pay in cash before the first session.

    3. to indicate the date from which Membership should be activated in the purpose of the bank transfer or, if it will be paid in cash, notify the Studio by e-mail / Facebook message, which Membership is chosen and as of when to activate it. This is very important and is done for the benefit of the Member, so the Membership is activated from the day the Member plans his first training, and not earlier, so Member does not lose days from the validity of the Membership. In the event that the Member does not specify the desired Membership activation date, Membership will be activated from the date of payment. The Member undertakes not to have any claims in this regard, not to demand the return of the paid money or a part of it and not to request the extension of the Membership.

    4. to start with the Intro Program and attend at least 6 Pole Intro workouts during the first 2 months of the Intro Program (if there is no previous Pole Dance experience. For those with previous Pole Dance experience, this clause is not relevant). This is necessary for the safety of the Member so that after completing the basic training course, it is possible to transfer to higher level trainings. The Administration reserves the right not to allow a Member to attend higher level sessions if at least 6 Pole Intro sessions have not been attended during the Intro Membership.

    5. to manage Membership and book workouts as early as possible, choosing their type, name and specific date and time, thus ensuring a guaranteed place in them. Training reservations are open constantly, so it is possible to book up to several months in advance with a corresponding Membership valid for more than 1 month. If there are free spots in the workout, it is possible to register even 10 minutes before it starts.

    6. to cancel a reserved workout not less than 8 hours before the start if the plans have changed and it is no longer possible to participate in the training.

    7. to follow relevant information, news and notifications about schedule changes in the Studio Facebook account and also in the closed group for Members only.

  5. OBLIGATIONS OF THE STUDIO – General & Booking system. The Studio undertakes:

    1. to organize various types of Pole Dance trainings and provide an opportunity for personal development of the Members.

    2. to ensure tidy spaces for classes and clean changing area.

    3. to respond to Member inquiries on Facebook, Instagram or email, ensuring effective communication.

    4. to provide the Member with the necessary inventory and means for cleaning poles and mats (towels, cloths) during training.

    5. to publish all relevant information, news and schedule changes in the Studio Facebook account and in the closed group for Members only. Studio schedule is dynamic and changing over time, depending on Member’s development. The Studio reserves the right to adjust the times of classes, taking into account seasonality and training attendance statistics.

    6. to activate the Membership within 24 hours from the payment via bank transfer or notification about payment in cash before the first training session. Membership is activated from the date specified by the Member in the purpose of the bank transfer or in the e-mail / Facebook message (in case of payment in cash). In the event that the Member does not specify the desired Membership activation date, the Membership will be activated from the date when payment is received. The Member undertakes not to have any claims in this regard, not to demand the return of the paid money or a part of it and not to request the extension of the Membership.

    7. to send an automatic e-mail to the Member confirming the activation of the Membership.

    8. to inform the Members by automatic e-mail and SMS about the cancelled training due to the non-gathered minimum number of participants (3 persons), at least 3 hours before the start of the training. In this case, if the training is cancelled due to other unforeseen and unexpected reasons, the Members may be informed less than 3 hours before the start of the training, but then the training compensation procedure shall be communicated with each Member individually.


         The Member is entitled:

    1. to be aware of the processing of personal data.

    2. to get acquainted with personal data processed.

    3. to require the rectification of personal data.

    4. to require the deletion of personal data that is not necessary for the acquisition of the Membership (injuries, health disorders, information about the Member's goals while attending Pole Dance trainings).

    5. to restrict the processing of personal data.

      The Member agrees:

    6. to receive automatic e-mails about the acquisition of the Membership and the fact of booked sessions; SMSs about the end date of the membership.

    7. to receive automatic emails and SMSs in case the workout is cancelled.

    8. to receive relevant information about Studio activities, organized events, news and changes by phone, e-mail or other social media channels (Facebook, Instagram).

    9. that the personal data (name, surname, e-mail and telephone number) specified in the Agreement is transferred to the Member's personal account on website, if the Member has not entered them there, as requested in Clause 4.1 of this Agreement.

    10. that photos and videos from trainings, celebrations or events (including, but not limited to) are published on the Studio social network accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) and on the website for the purpose of promoting the Studio's awareness, advertising and attracting customers. The Member has the right to revoke the consent of this clause at any time by notifying Studio via e-mail / Facebook message.

      The Studio undertakes:

    11. to manage and collect the Member's data in order to conclude this agreement, to ensure the high quality of the provided services and effective communication.

    12. to store the following personal data collected in this Agreement and in the Member's form: name, surname, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail, health disorders, injuries suffered, register of acquired Memberships, information on the Member's goals while attending Pole Dance trainings.

    13. to collect the personal data mentioned in clause 6.7 for no longer than 5 years from the date when the last acquired Membership was activated. When the data storage period expires, the data is deleted. If the data is deleted on this basis, the Member is not additionally informed.

    14. to not transfer a member's personal data to third parties not involved in the Studio Activities.


    1. The Agreement shall enter into force on the date of its signing and shall be valid indefinitely as long as the Member has a personal account on the Studio website and acquires the most suitable Membership. If a Member is inactive for more than 1 year (i.e., does not acquire Memberships for that entire period), the Agreement will terminate without notice.

    2. Once the Member has paid for the Membership and activated it, the money paid will not be refunded, even in cases where the Member does not use the Membership services.

    3. The Agreement may be terminated unilaterally at the initiative of the Studio by notifying the Member 2 business days in advance if the Member fails to comply with obligations under the Agreement or demonstrates disrespect to the Studio, other community members, coaches or administration and Pole Dance.

    4. Studio Memberships are flexible and provide a number of visits that meets the needs of the Member, therefore they are not stopped individually. The only exception is Loyal Membership - its duration is automatically extended from 6 to 7 months as soon as it is acquired. For very important reasons, the individual situation of a Member may be considered separately, looking for the most acceptable solutions for both Parties.

    5. The Agreement is concluded in 2 (two) identical copies, one for each Party to the Agreement.



By signing this Agreement, I certify:

- that I understand that Pole Dance is a risky sport that involves a lot of physical exertion and the risk of injury.

- that I understand that the Studio does not take responsibility and is in no way responsible for my possible injuries or health problems.

- that I am responsible for my own safety and any injuries sustained during training.

- that I will not have any claims for any injuries sustained during the training, I will not demand the return of all or part of the money paid for the Membership.


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