A new Flame member creates their personal account using the login button in the top right corner of the site.

The member provides accurate personal data (name, surname, e-mail and telephone number) in his / her account.

According to the price of the selected Membership, the member makes a transfer to the bank account of Mažoji Bendrija "Akrobatikos namai" LT25 7300 0101 5760 6370. It is very important that the purpose of the transfer indicates the date from which to activate the Membership.

In order to pay in cash, the member informs Flame Administration by e-mail or via Facebook message, indicating the name of the Membership and the date from which it should be activated.

Flame Administration, upon receipt of a bank transfer or email about the willingness to pay in cash, confirms the Membership and activates it on the specified date.

The Member receives an automatic e-mail confirming the activation of the Membership from the specified date. Sessions can be booked from the date from which the Membership is activated.

The member receives an email invitation to join the reservation application and all the necessary information.


The member downloads the app and books the desired workouts. Every reservation made is confirmed to the member by automatic e-mail.

The Member gets acquainted with the content of the Agreement before the start of the first booked session.

Prior to the first booked session, the member, upon arrival at the Flame, signs the Agreement with the Flame administration or instructor and pays in cash if he / she has not made a bank transfer.



Reservations are open all the time, so it is possible to book sessions even a few months in advance (with the Membership valid for more than 1 month).

If there are vacancies left in the training, you can register for it even 10 minutes before the start.


Your reservation can be canceled no later than 8 hours before the start of session. If you fail or forget to do so, the workout is considered used and you have one visit lessremaining in your Membership.

The minimum number of people in one workout for it to happen - is 3.

If the minimum number of participants (3 people) is not met, the training is canceled. People, who had bookings are notified by automatic e-mail from reservation system no later than 3 hours before the start of session.

The Flame Administration, taking care of your safety, reserves the right not to allow a member to attend higher level workouts if a minimum of 6 Pole Intro workouts are not attended within 2 months during the Intro Program.

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