Ruslanas Kryžanauskas

Most talkative Flame family member.

Date of birth 1986-07-29

Sign of Zodiac – Lion

Favorite trick: Handstand

Passion – sweets and white coffee.

Dream – "I still have some unfinished business with Breakdance – Headspin, Airflare."

Ruslanas experience in the world of sports could become an inspiration for many. Swimming, Wrestling, Athletics, Breakdance, Physical Education / Sports Department License, work as a group training Instructor, finally Yoga Certificate and a New Challenge at Flame… Ruslanas started his acquaintance with the sport with swimming: "My mother led me to swimming activities, because she was no longer able to cope with my unsafe behavior in the water (I even had to be rescued once). I went to workouts inspired, I quickly got into a sports group because I worked hard and really tried. I’ve taken part in quite a few Lithuanian championships and even got lucky to climb on the champions' podium together with the team."

The guy swam for about 4 years until sinusitis has started and decided further destiny for the guy from Šiauliai. As swimming withdrew from the game, Breakdance got into Ruslanass life: "It all started with experiments at home: concrete knocked out on the floor, a bed broken after a failed trick…". Later there was a Breakdance group at school and even belonging to the modern Breakdance club in Klaipėda - West Coast Boys. While talking, Ruslanas plunges into nostalgia and opens up: "Swimming with Breakdance has left deep impressions on me and formed a sense of what is really strong. I believe that a person's physical fitness must be varied, based on real strength, not just beautiful muscles."

Although the guy has 2 bachelors (Logistics Technology & Electrical and Automation Engineering), currently works full time in the field of energy, he associates his future with sports. Ruslanas Handstand sessions are very dynamic and cheerful, even fingers are trained during them. What is more, the positivity of a guy quickly affects the most serious and restrained visitors.

No fame without a