At Flame, we invite you to get acquainted with Pole Dance - to try several types of this unique sport in various sessions, to discover and fall in love with the most suitable for you. We divided the workouts into 3 types:


POLE EXOTIC - in these sessions (Exotic Basic, Exotic Flow, Exotic Hard) special high heels are used, but don't be afraid - beginners do not need them and you can do everything barefoot in Exotic Basic classes. Pole Exotic will appeal to lovers of dance, choreography and plasticity, as well as those who dream of liberating femininity and revealing their passionate side. The Pole Exotic category should not be confused with outdated stereotypes, as several different dance genres can be discovered and combined here. Also in these workouts, everything is technically more complicated than just doing a trick.

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POLE SPORT – these sessions (Pole Intro, Tricks, Spin, Pole Mix, Acro, Pole Sport, Contemporary) teaches a variety of tricks with poles. There are no restrictions on age, weight, physical fitness. The classes do not lack elements of acrobatics, a variety of exercises that require strength, endurance, coordination and balance.

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FLOOR – in these sessions (Floor Flow, Splits) the pole can be used as an aid. These are activities that develop general body flexibility, plasticity, increase joint mobility as well as create simple combinations and combine into a unified choreography. All of the skills acquired during these trainings are especially useful in the other two types of workouts.



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