Agnė Budreikaitė

Most charismatic Flame family member.


Date of birth 1991-12-02

Sign of Zodiac – Sagittarius

Favorite trick – Suicide Spin („scary only until you try“).

Passion – food and sleep („I truly live to eat, not eat to live“).

Dream – „I simply want to be happy - without going into details what this covers“.

Dancing is like breathing for Agnė. Already at young age, she taught her friends choreographies, which she created, so her parents had no doubt that their daughter had to dance and took her to ballroom dancing in the 1st grade. There, the little girl had to quickly face the painful reality and hear a verdict that with such a non-standard figure ("a round butt and thicker thighs") she would never become a professional dancer. Agnė still does not agree with such discrimination and believes that dancing is for everyone without exceptions. Girl, born and raised in Panevėžys, got back to consistent movement only in her teenage years - in the 10th grade she started attending belly dance classes: "my thickness didn't bother anyone there". The girl has seen absolutely all films about dancing and is constantly expanding her vocabulary of dance terms, while dance genres "checked out" by her include tango, lindy hop, twerk, contemporary and even Lithuanian folk dances.

After getting a degree in Economics at Vilnius University, Agnė went to Denmark to study for a Master's degree and was determined to finally try Pole Dance: “Pole dancers are simply flying and this genre caught my eye while I was still living in Lithuania, but I never had the courage to try. An environment where no one knows you, gives you a sensation of freedom to try new things - so in the fall of 2017 I finally found myself in the first lesson. I remember that it hurt a lot because I was told to sit on a pole and after the class I felt tired but already knew that I would be coming back. I did come back more than once and gradually devoted my belly dance time to Pole Dance. The girl discovered contemporary pole genre while she was still in Denmark, there she admired and learned from the best, and fully felt in love with it after one Russian dancer's seminar already back in Lithuania. And then Agnė just took the initiative - offered to lead these unique trainings at Flame – thus flipping a new page in her dance journey.

Speaking of weaknesses, Agnė opens up: "Morning sleep is something sacred to me, I can't even go to my beloved workouts in the morning, because neither body nor mind works. If my mood is bad, then I'm either hungry or drowsy. God forbid, it is both of those at the same time." As the girl works in one of the largest banks in Lithuania, she inevitably has to get up early enough, but compensates this unpleasantness with dancing. Agnė believes in the motto "Never say never" - so only time will show if dance and training does not become her main activity. Just, so she could sleep longer in the mornings...

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