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MB "Akrobatikos namai"

company code 304989956

Registration address:

J. Matulaičio square 11-69, Vilnius, 05111
Studio address:
Kęstučio street 37, Vilnius, 08121
+370 628 94969

Like most of you, we live really active lives, so we may not always be able to respond, but we will always call back for sure. Thanks for your understanding!

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How to find us?

Kęstučio street 37 - you will definitely see the store Maxima. We are located in the same building, only the entrance is not from Kęstučio street, but from the other side of the building (S. Moniuškos Street).

Where to park?

Parking is free of charge in the Green Zone throughout Žvėrynas from 6:00pm. We suggest leaving cars in S. Moniuškos, D. Poškos or other surrounding streets and count few minutes of quick walkingas an introduction to the warm-up.

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