Darius Ulozas

Most humble Flame family member.

Date of birth 1980-02-21

Sign of Zodiac – Pisces

Favorite trick - "difficult to destinguish one".

Passion – sweets and chocolate with the coffee.

Most people think that only women can be flexible, and for men to do split or middle split this is "mission impossible." Darius breaks such a stereotype with a bang. It is enough to go to one of his workouts for muscle stretching and joint mobility, so you could instantly realize that there are no limits to the possibilities of the human body, and gender is not related at all. Asked what the road is and what needs to be done to achieve such results, Darius very simply explains that he was self-interested in stretching and has been doing it since he was 16 years old. So, as in most areas, the recipe for success is similar - consistent work and patience.

Sport is a constant companion in man’s, born in a small town of Žiežmariai life: "I like many kinds of sports; unfortunately, not enough time for all of them." Asked to tell us a little more, Darius surprises and modestly names the prizes in various championships: - Lithuanian Higher School Weightlifting Championship (II place, 2003 and 2005); - Lithuanian Weightlifting Championship (III place, 2006); - Indoor Rope Pulling Championship (III place, 2005, II and III places in 2007); - Lithuanian Armed Forces Pistol Shooting Championship (III place, 2010).


Despite the fact that Darius received his high education at the Lithuanian Military Academy, today he is not only a certified masseur (King Mindaugas Vocational Training Center, Thai Massage School, etc.), but also represents rarely found profession - a bather! The man works at the Manuka Massage and Sauna Treatment Studio, which he established himself, and although the agenda would seem quite full, Darius decided to let Pole Dance into his life in the fall of 2018. "One of my acquaintances shared a link about newly created Pole Sport group for men. I've always enjoyed a sport that requires not only strength but coordination and balance, also nothing like that I've tried before, so I’ve decided to give it a chance without much deliberation," the man recalls.

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