Lolita Gataveckaitė
Main face of Flame family,
founder and author of idea.

Date of birth - 1992-04-10

Sign of Zodic – Aries

Favorite trick - Split: "can't stop doing since first time I managed to do it".

Passion – coffee, sweets, shoes and good music.

Today, we can put a sign of equality between sport and Lolita’s life, but that hasn’t always been the case. The girl, from the small town of Širvintos, is certificated engineer who graduated Renewable Energy at Vilnius College of Technology and Design. Like most women and girls, Lolita got interested in sports more seriously when the urge to lose weight took over. That's when it started: fitness, functional training, cross-fit, weightlifting and a great love for barbells. Lolita have participated in weightlifting competition, but even then she felt that this isn’t exactly her thing, so one day the girl opened the door of one Pole Dance studio. Asked how she was doing and what her first impressions were, Lolita reveals: "The start was really painful both psychologically and physically. You come to workouts with significantly more muscle than a standard or even athletic women, but nothing goes out for you, everything hurts, then you feel angry, because some skinny girls do everything next to you, and you can't do anything with your trained muscles. There was everything - a lot of clumsy movements, no flexibility, constant lack of motivation, which led me to take a lot of breaks… The search for true my-self lasted until breakthrough - Exotic Pole Dance appeared in life ... "

At that time fully not understanding what Exotic Pole Dance was all about, Lolita showed off a hot Aries features and set herself a goal - a month before the party in the studio, she decided to create a choreography for herself. Probably no questions whether she succeeded... Now, looking at it, she laughs: "I can’t understand how I did it and from where I had so much courage..." ​Lolita truly believes that her bold decision to quit from her day-job once (so it would not interfere with sports) fully paid off: today she is approved trainer with Physical Culture and Sports Permit, holds many Pole Dance certificates, and finally discovered the passion of her life without which she can no longer imagine everyday life.


When asked about her dreams, the girl does not think for a moment: "Since childhood, I have dreamed of dancing and making a living from it, so be careful with your dreams – they come true." It is obvious that her first dream has already come true, if you are reading this text. Further Lolita's wish list includes the desire to travel, to become a famous athlete and coach, to participate in international competitions and enjoy the achievements.

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