Miglė Strumskytė

Most sarcastic Flame family member.

Date of birth 1992-12-11

Sign of Zodiac – Sagittarius

Favorite trick - Gemini ("I feel comfortable hanging in it").

Passion – books and "Pleasers".

Miglė has been a part of Flame family from the beginning and has long been an important behind-the-scenes person, who ensured that all photos looked highest quality, that all visuals conveyed imagined idea, and that Flame founders Deimantė & Lolita has reached a compromise and are satisfied with the result. A girl from Rokiškis, like most young people, settled in the capital when she came to study Psychology at Vilnius University. Studies has been completed for some time now, Miglė is a well-established graphic designer in the advertising market, but her heart and all her free time goes to Pole Dance.

Miglė started doing this sport long ago, from the summer of 2014, but for quite a long time it was just like a small hobby, which had to be abandoned several times due to studies, but Miglė always got back. The girl admits she always had a complicated relationship with sports: "I got up from the sofa and started taking Pole Dance seriously in the early summer of 2018, I took inspiration from Lolita and her workouts - she's the best example of a coach for me." When asked to share her impressions of the first Pole Dance workout, Miglė shares bright memories without hesitation and with twinkle in her eyes: "After the first workout I felt great, it was endlessly interesting, I didn’t even feel how time passed, but the body felt the work-load the next day with a pile. I felt very awkward next to the pole, but that feeling quickly disappears as self-confidence grows and body gets stronger."

Trust doesn't take long to emerge - the first Miglė's Pole Exotic solo performance in July 2019 proves. It was a turning point, after which the girl did not hesitate to accept the challenge and become a Flame coach. When it comes to dreams, Miglė do not deny opportunity to participate in the Pole Dance competition, but also surprises with sincerity: "I would like to live in a small town and have a garden / flower garden, raise at least 2 cats, and in my free time be engaged in creativity" ...

No fame without a          

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