Deimantė Valickaitė-Lapienė

Administration and Finance Head in Flame family, founder and author of idea.


Date of birth - 1985-04-28

Sign of Zodiac – Taurus

Favorite trick – Broken doll: "I like to turn around in a way that makes it hard to catch what's where".

Passion – red wine, cats, sport cars.

Dream – home by the sea.

Until now, Deimantė could boldly fit her life into the standard frames of an “office person”. Born in Klaipėda, after finishing high school she moved to Vilnius an obtained bachelor degree in International business administration. Woman accumulated experience in international companies for 11 years and enjoyed all the joys of such a life: suits, conference calls, business trips, office career. Everything would seem simple and clear, if not the constant thought somewhere in the subconsciousness that maybe one day it would be nice to turn the routine upside down and try completely different activity. But the dreams remained dreams: "there was just never enough time to purify what is really wanted." The biggest challenge in Deimantė’s life so far (determination to become a mother) has turned things into the right direction. Well, here it is – while daughter is quickly growing, her mother is fully immersed in the activities of the Flame. "I have always followed the principle in life that it is better to feel sorry for what you have done rather than for what you have not done." - opens Deimantė.

Sports and movement have always played an important role in Deimantė’s life: in childhood - ballroom dancing and even a school of models; during studies at university - aerobics: "I used be Step classes maniac". Almost always the main motivation was to lose weight, but not successful in any way, because chaos prevailed in Deimantė’s head, and during the student years she could not live and eat healthy at all. A little later, as attitudes changed and a greater meaning was sought, figure skating, calanetics appeared in woman’s life and she also returned to ballroom dancing together with then-future husband.

"I have heard a lot about Pole Dance, but I was always intimidated by this stereotyped sport and I didn't dare to try it, and I didn't know where to go. In the autumn of 2016, there was an internal change - I found a studio and signed up. A lot of fear was in my mind, imagination created a picture of a stressful environment with perfect body girls and their bright make-ups. Imagine how positively I was surprised to see simple, standard body composition girls and woman with their pros and cons once I came to the first session. I remember my words said to my husband just after first workout as if they were said yesterday: I spent 30 years of my life in vain ... "" - Deimantė smiles while she talks about her first acquaintance with Pole sports. Asked if she would ever like to work as a coach, Deimantė seems a little confused: "Life will show. I wouldn't want to slam that door completely, but today I'm more attracted to the administration and the full well-being of the Flame."

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