Flame idea was born out of long-standing dreams, endless love for the universal Pole Dance sport, and a desire to share that love and light it in the hearts of other people interested in the sport. Our greatest goal and desire is to bring together a community of Pole Dance enthusiasts who would feel as comfortable and warm at Flame as they would at their real home, striving to spend their free time here, to grow and improve together.


Acrobatics and Dance studio Flame is located in the heart of Vilnius, in Žvėrynas. Two spaces were equipped specifically for Pole Dance, which makes them maximally adapted to the functionality of the training and the comfort of the clients. The main hall, where the classes take place, is distinguished by an extremely high ceiling, reaching 4 m. There are 8 solid anti-allergic poles, that can be easily removed if necessary. In the second hall, Flame clients have the opportunity to devote additional time to their personal development after training - to consolidate the acquired knowledge on another additional pole, do stretching exercises, practice various handstands or improve "floor work". Our spaces have unique history - you can see more here.

​We believe that the best results are achieved and the fastest personal progress is seen once learning Pole Dance in small groups, so when you book a workout, we guarantee you a place at the pole that you won’t have to share with anyone. More about the sessions and their variety can be found here.

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