TYPE - Pole Sport

LEVEL - Intermediate, up to 2 years.

DURATION - 1 hour.

INSTRUCTORS - Lolita, Agnė


The second step in the Pole Sport category (Pole Intro workouts are recommended to start with). During these sessions, a variety of spins, grips, simple poses, and general preparation for further workouts are learned. After about half of the year, you start learning simple tricks and variations with your head down. Knowledge is improved in how to hold on a pole while using just a few fixation points. Whole body is strengthened, a lot of time is spent on power exercises and their variations, more and more interesting ways appear how to transit from one trick to another and how to create a whole combination of tricks from a few simple starting elements. Recommended outfit - leggings and socks for warm-up (especially in winter), during the remaining session - shorts and a T-shirt.

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